Solar Roof Light

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Alflex Technologies developed the Solar Roof Light in order and in collaboration with SolarWorks!.
A lamp fed by solar panels that can be easily installed and is theft-proof.

Solarworks! has the goal to bring lightning to places where there's no direct access to electricity. Therefore it mainly focusses on the African continent. Sunlight is converted to electricity using solar panels and is stored in a very powerful, small battery. This gives the oppertunity to work, read or study at the dark moments of the day.

A telephone connection is often not available as a landline. Therefore most citizens have to rely on cellphones to keep in touch with the outside world. Thanks to the already developed Solar Power Ball with integrated USB-charger, it's also possible to charge cellphones.

Development is never on hold at SolarWorks!. This will lead to other handy, beautifully designed and most of all affordable solutions within the field of electricity and lighting.

Please check www.solar-works.co.za for the amazing story behind SolarWorks!

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