Update: Vacuvita goes USA with Alflex inside!

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After a successful extradition of the Indiegogo crowdfund (8.000 pieces), the USA is next for further commercial roll-out. Together with the familiair distributor Hamilton Beach the aim is 50.000 Vacuvita's in the first year.

The expectation is that this beautiful product will be in stores at the beginning of 2018.  After the USA the roll-out will extend to Asia, Spain, Great-Brittain and of course The Netherlands. Alflex Technologires is proud to have collaborated in the success, development and production of the hardware, embedded software and the mobile App for the updates and tests via NFC.

You can read the article (Dutch) from the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf about the next steps of the Vacuvita.


Original news article 7-9-2016:

Enjoying your fresh products for a longer period of time and also beautiful designed: the Vacuvita. After a successful start as crowdfunding campaing on Indiegogo the Vacuvita is now in production and sales are at full blast. Alflex Technologies was asked to develop the "heart" of the Vacuvita, fitting the esthetic design that makes the Vacuvita distinctive.

When developing the Vacuvita, three aspects were of major importance:

  • Design: Something that looks great will be used more often. It will not dissappear in the closet or nasement; 
  • Ease-of-use: The amount of steps you have to take to save food has to be as low as possible.
  • Quality & sustainability: High quality components invite you to use the Vacuvita every day with optimal performance.

Keywords regarding engineering developed by Alflex Technologies are: design, production of the electronics (PCB's), embedded software for controlling i.a. the vacuum, NFC-communication and software-updates using the Mobile Vacuvita App.

For further information, please visit www.vacuvita.com.