Healthier thanks to clean burning: ACE 1

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In many places of the world, including Africa, cooking can be a challenge. Purchasing fuel is expensie, it's dangerous because of open fires and smoke, and the burning results in polution.
The ACE 1 is a biomass cooking stove. By using fans the burning is much cleaner. It's a safe solution thanks to the ceramic plates.

The product is already available and based on experiences and desires a new model is being developed, the ACE 2. African Clean Energy asked Alflex Technologies to develop and design a couple of improvements. We are very pleased to help develop such a beautiful product by giving our time and expertise. Therefore the costs will remain low and more people can enjoy clean air, more efficient fuel consumption, and a safer living environment.

The desired improvements are:

  • Improvement in the stand-by time of the battery;
  • Better able to withstand cleaning (water);
  • Add Bluetooth LE to facilitate micro-transactions;
  • Develop an energy efficient LED lamp via USB.