Alflex coolers for NLR

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Via Peltierkoeling.nl Alflex Technologies has started a collaboration with NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Center) to develop a thermo-electric cooler for a very accurate chiller. The chiller is able to cool water to 5°C that is traveling with a speed of 70L/min. The accuracy is very impressive: ±0,0005°C.

The needed cooling power to realise this is around 600W. In order to keep production time and costs as low as possible we've used as many components as possible from our standard cooler models. The precisely manufactured liquid part is supplied by NLR. This part is sandwiched between 2 of our coolers. This has resulted in a cooling power of 800W max.

The chillers have the following properties:

  • Extremely high stability (±0,0005°C)
  • Minimal vibration
  • Very low noise level
  • Remote operation via web interface
  • Up to 27 external temperature sensors (NTC) can be connected


We look back at a good cooperation with NLR for this challenging and impressive project! The datasheet of the chiller can be downloaded here.