ProRail chooses for solution Dual Inventive and Alflex Technologies

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ProRail will provide railway switches of important junctions with wireless sensors starting from November. The sensors will measure if the heating is functioning correctly which allows ProRail to preemtively take actions.

For two years ProRail has conducted tests for two years in colaboration with KPN with IoT-sensors on railroad switch heating system in Utrecht. Because of positive results ProRail has extended the experiment nationwide. 1.5000 sensors will be installed on railway switches and another 500 on other parts of the railroad track.

ProRail has tendered the delivery of 2.000 IoT sensors to our customer Dual Inventive. Alflex Technologies has developed a LoRa sensor that can measure temperature and movement and can easily be extended with other sensors. The data of the 2.000 sensors will be available for ProRail using the already used MTinfo 3000 Cloudplatform.

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