Alflex Technologies offers cooling solutions through the use of the Peltier-effect. This is achieved with an electric semiconductor called a Peltier-module, which transfers heat from one side to the other. Essentially, it is an electronic heat pump. Environmentally unfriendly cooling aids and compressors are no longer necessary, which allows the cooling systems to be manufactured in a very compact, robust and maintenance-free manner.

The Peltier-module is also capable of providing heat by applying reversed polarity. This product is increasingly used for thermic-cycling processes. Using the Seebeck-effect, the same component is also able to transfer temperature differences into electricity. Among other applications, this is used as a stand-alone power source in wireless sensor networks (WSN), when enough heat is available. 

 If you are intersted in one of our solutions, please don't hesitate to contact or check out our special website (Dutch). You will be able to find detailed information about our complete cooling assemblies, Peltier-modules, temperature controllers and temperature sensors.

Cooling/heating through convection. By using convection, air inside an enclosed space like an appliance or an instrument cabinet, can be cooled or heated. The coolers can easily be assembled by creating an opening in the casing of the product. 

  • Available in different sizes and capacities
  • Over-temperature protection
  • 12V and 24V supply voltage
  • Standard models as well as custom designs are available