Our flexible heating foils have been used successfully in various industries and many critical applications, from de-icing to (medical) analysers. Our flexible heating foils have proven to be reliable, fast, and very efficient.

Our wide choice of isolation materials allow heating foils to be applied within a large temperature-range (-200/+600°C).

Integration of the foils with temperature-sensors, connectors, flex-circuits and electronics are amongst the standard options. In addition, laminating or vulcanization of the heating foils or heating-assembly on your heat sink can be provided. 

 If you are intersted in one of our solutions, please don't hesitate to contact or check out our special website flexheaters.nl (Dutch). You will be able to find detailed information about our heating foils, temperature controllers and accessoires. 

Polyimide heating foils are ideal for applications with space or weight restrictions, or whenever the foils are exposed to a vacuum, oil or chemical substances. The foils are thin, lightweight, flexible, robust, accurate, and very reliable. 

  • Apply heating where required only and therefore lower electrical costs
  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Uniform heat through "profiling"
  • Complete turnkey thermal solutions through customization
  • Available from stock (see stock list)