Electronic Manufacturing Service

Alflex Technologies designs and develops electronics and has in-house production facilities. We can quickly produce prototypes as well as mass-production thanks to our SMD production line. This gives us the ability to keep the turnaround time to a minimum.

Besides the production of electronics, we develop the software that is necessary for the solution. Embedded software as well as supporting (PC) software used for data collection or (wireless) communication are contributing to the end solution.

An important development is the ‘internet of things’, where ‘smart’ objects like thermostats, cameras and (kitchen) appliances can be connected to the internet, thanks to the embedded information- and communication technologies. Alflex Technologies therefore also develops (web) applications for mobile devices that allow interaction with these ‘smart’ objects by using e.g. Wifi or UMTS.

Finally we offer the ability to assemble intermediate goods- or end products. We can also test and certify these products for you. We herewith create maximal flexibility, and are capable of implementing any changes quickly.

In-house production facilities