In collaboration with our clients, Alflex Technologies built an extensive portfolio of products that have been applied successfully in various market segments. Our engineering process starts from a customer perspective, listening closely to your specific needs and requirements. A thorough understanding of your business will lead towards the optimum solution. Speed, reliability and efficiency are our fundamental principles.

Our customers operate in various diverse market segments. Each solution, developed together with our clients, is appropriately designed for the needs and conditions of a specific market. Consequently, we have acquired considerable knowledge and experience and have built a comprehensive portfolio, including electronic solutions, covering these various markets. Working closely together with our customers, not only do we deliver the required solution, we take it to the next level by providing what is needed to further optimize your business to a competitive advantage.

Underneath you will find some examples of solution that we have developed for our customers. Is there anything we could do for you? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Banding equipment from Bandall

Our client Bandall specializes in banding appliances which are sold worldwide. Banding is a method for packaging items damage free with (printed) foil or paper. This patented technique allows Bandall to deliver their systems in a quick, reliable and sustainable fashion.

The third generation of their banding machine has been greatly improved in terms of reliability, interfacing and extensibility of the product. A major objective was achieved as Bandall is now able to offer OEM-solutions as an enabler for fully automatic production facilities.

By delivering the banding system with its sophisticated and innovative process control, Alflex Technologies was able to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. Successfully conquering the substantial difficulties related to filtering electrical interference was a major achievement. Since this machine is sold worldwide, an intuitive and user-friendly way for manually operating the machine was a mandatory requirement. Therefore, we designed a graphical touch screen which simply displays icons that depict the actions to perform. This allows the machine to be operated in an intuitive manner, with an operator manual offering additional clarification of the icons in any language.




  • Graphic LCD with backlight
  • Touch screen
  • I/O's for valves and sensors:
    • 12 analogue inputs (3-30V)
    • 2 inputs for tachometer
    • PT100 input
    • 0-10V motor output
    • 15 digital outputs provided with high side protected SSR
  • SD interface
  • 2x RS485 communication ports
  • Heating
  • Optimized control loop



 Main module

I/O module

Digital gasleak detection device Imbema

Imbema Denso is an important supplier of products in sectors such as potable water, gas distribution, and ground-, road-, and water-constructions. In addition to offering products for piping and infrastructure, they also offer project management services, demonstrations and (on-site) training courses for the proper handling of their products. 

Having many years of experience in the business of natural gas distribution, Imbema decided to develop their own product. In order to seamlessly fill the gap in the Dutch market, they worked closely together with Netbeheer Nederland, the Association of Energy Network Operators in the Netherlands. Their cooperation resulted in a very practical and easy-to-use gasleak detecting device, the DGT2010, which is practical, reliable and future proof.

Alflex Technologies was responsible for the development and production of the DGT2010 from start to finish. The customer’s requirements: robust design, easy-to-use with a step-by-step guide, datalogging including USB export function and a PC-operated administration tool for generating management reports and to address future demands. 




  • Graphic LCD with backlight
  • Very accurate ADC for pressure-measurements (24 bits)
  • USB-interface
  • Smart auto-calibration function
  • Motor driver
  • PC-software to generate reports (PDF)
  • Charging circuit for the battery








Manager-software PC