AlflexAbout Alflex Technologies

Alflex Technologies specializes in providing solutions in the fields of electronics, thermodynamics and process control. We invent, design and manufacture solutions, meeting customer needs and requirements. Our knowledge of various fields of technology, experience in different market segments and agile organization allows us to quickly and effectively respond to customer needs.

In addition to the above, Alflex Technologies is also a business partner of leading companies like Matsuo Electric and Ditel.

We provide standard solutions for OEM's as well as custom solutions to unique requirements. Working closely together with our customers  we do not just provide what is requested, we take it to the next level by providing what you need to further optimize your business to a competitive advantage.

Since Alflex started in 1991, we have developed an extensive portfolio of innovative and effective solutions. This allows us to improve the competitive advantage of our customers in various markets. With our experience, knowledge and agile organization, we are looking forward to support your business in making the right investments and finding the optimal solution.